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Be Flexible:

Spending too many hours in a chair can start to limit your range of motion, cause back pain, and, make your hips extremely tight. Stretching exercise and yoga can help you stay limber. Or simply standing and working at height-adjustable desk is another super easy way to get moving during the day. Make smart lifestyle changes throughout your day to work more productively, feel healthier, and preform at your very best.


On average most people spend nearly 20 minutes per day commuting to work. Instead of passively sitting in your car, bus, or train you could spend this time biking, walking or running. At work, you’ll also burn 0.7 calories per minute standing than sitting. (that works out to around 650 calories per week for standing half your day.


Try incorporating exercise into your daily life, doing small things throughout the day get your heart racing a bit more. It is said by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention that exercising lowers your risk for a variety of diseases. At the same time, it is important that we listen to our bodies, when you start to feel a little sick-sore throat, headache, and fatigue- it’s usually our body telling you to take a breather.

Weight Loss:

Not sleeping enough can make fitness and nutrition difficult on daily basis. A study in November 2016 European Journal of Clinical Nutrition’s found that participants who logged five and a half hours of sleep per night ate 385 more calories the next day making unhealthy choices. It is important that we focus on setting a small goal for the week.

Flu Season:

Getting your flu shot isn’t the only way you can help prevent the flu. What we eat can also aid in lowering the odds of coming down with nasty bug. Try incorporating some of these foods in your daily meals.  Pumpkin seeds, tuna, sweet potatoes, green tea and yogurt.

Coffee Replacement:

Simple changes can make a big difference, try replacing your morning cup of coffee with a Ginger tea or maybe a peppermint tea. It is important that we consider healthier alternatives for a healthier future.