Individuals & Families

Why Avanto?

Shop For The Right Health Plan

Our affordable individual and family PPO health plans come in a range of prices. You’ll get preventive care, such as screenings and flu shots free of charge with no copay and without having to meet your deductible, plus you’ll have the health coverage you need in case of an emergency or illness.

Peace of Mind

  • 5,000+ hospitals, 90,000+ ancillary facilities and 1 million+ health care professional service locations in US
  • Our plans meet and exceed the standards of the new health care laws
  • 24/7 phone access to medical professional wtih MyTelemedicine
  • A wide range of specialists

We roll out the carpet for our Members.


  • Average 20% off Affordable Care Act and private insurance marketplace plans
  • No income verification required
  • Low Annual Deductibles and Low Annual Out-of-pocket Maximums
  • No Charge on Preventative Care
  • Enjoy significant savings on entertainment, dining, travel and more!


  • No enrollment period required
  • The same coverage no matter which state you live in
  • Select MEC, MEC Plus, MEC Premium, or MEC Super
  • Sign up with a live Representative that will explain your plan options in your language, face-to-face