Employers & Organizations

Why Avanto


Joining us in a combination of plans, programs and cost-sharing can provide you with savings now and in the future.

Your employees or members have different skills, specialties and needs. But when it comes to health coverage, your goal for them is the same: to manage cost and keep them healthy with Star Health Provider Network of doctors known for their clinical performance, efficiency and total costs.

Healthy Membership

Empower your members with tools and services that promote healthy and cost-effective habits. These tools are very helpful in making smarter choices for the future as well as in health care.

Avanto Health Care helps business stay up to date on health care costs in several ways. Employers are responsible for contributing to the fund, so they can better manage their health care budgets for the year.

Our flexible options for Health Care benefits help both your business and your employees, whether you need several benefits or just one you will find one that works just for you.

 Avanto works for your business and employees.